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If you found this link from a colleague or in your Facebook Group then you are in the correct place. We are founded by a Pakistani American and based in Washington State and we found that many traders like you want to open their Amazon in the United States. So next thing we did was research and speak to many group members to understand their needs. We want to help everybody if possible and collect our fee. Keep in mind our first post gave us around 30 replies so be patient and we will soon talk on WhatsApp.  See bottom of this page for frequent questions (FAQ).  We try our best to answer your queries in our nighttime PST so fill our form below or just contact on WhatsApp: +12066027576.

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LLC opened

Opening your USA LLC

Step 1
  • Your Company Name
  • Includes UBI+EIN+ITIN
  • Washington State UBI
  • Federal ITIN+EIN
  • Unique Address
  • Fee paid in advance
  • 4 Methods to Pay
  • 2 weeks or less

Open US Bank Account

Step 2
  • Business Bank Acct
  • We use our Govt. ID
  • ITIN/EIN is Used
  • Checking/Savings
  • Online Banking
  • 50% fee use for deposit
  • 4 Methods to Pay
  • 1 week or less

Amazon Seller™

Step 3
  • Your Seller Account
  • IP address pass!
  • Phone & Address verify!
  • No selling limits
  • Handle any setup issues
  • 50% advance + $40
  • 4 Methods to Pay
  • 4 weeks or less

Other Services

More Steps...
  • PayPal accounts
  • eBay accounts
  • Etsy accounts
  • Mail forwarding
  • Branch visits / calls
  • Fix any suspension issue
  • 4 Methods to Pay
  • 2 weeks or less

What is Amazon Seller application process?

Firstly we open Amazon Seller “Individual” account at This requires a US Citizen with valid government ID, social security number, address, phone, bank account, and can also ask background check questions. Furthermore, the person must use his personal debit card with his matching name and pay $40 first month Amazon Seller fees and he will see clearly he are subscribing to a monthly fee. To convince any person of this risk is not easy as every person wants to protect their personal, secret information. So how can we do it?

Our agent has experience and will choose a local person to apply for you. They will be given a fee and they will be accepting that they can never open another Amazon Seller in rest of their lifetime.

Next Amazon will take 1-3 weeks to approve individual account. After it has been approved it can be switched or changed to a Business account. This process is seamless,, quick and easy. We input your Business credentials from your LLC and it will be approved. You are now an approved Amazon Business Seller. Done!

How long does each process take?

  • LLC UBI number will take 1 week or less to be issued.
  • ITIN nowadays takes up to 6 weeks. Need this before EIN.
  • ITIN is through USPS Mail and some delays in govt. response.
  • EIN number is issued immediately after we get UBI + ITIN
  • Bank Account open vary on if you want virtual or physical bank.
  • Amazon Seller Account opening take 1-3 weeks.
  • PayPal account takes less than 1 week.
  •, or others usually same day.

Can I watch or help in application process?

Yes, we will allow you to remote connect to our PC using TeamViewer™

What is the LLC application process?

We currently offer Washington State LLC and can offer other states too. Time opening your LLC can be done same day as your first payment. Other state may be arranged ask your agent. Our fees for LLC are $650 (including government fees) and that will include UBI number and ITIN and EIN. We will be your registered agent and deal with all application and legal process. Two or more partner(s) can be added on to your LLC without any extra fees.  

Please have your Passport scan ready to submit and review ITIN Form and EIN Form

The UBI number is issued at and fees we will pay for you with our own debit card. After submitting this form then wait 3-4 days for UBI number. Next we will apply your ITIN. Finally when we get back UBI number and ITIN we can apply for EIN number at 

EIN and ITIN number do not mean the same thing here in USA.

Finally your LLC is complete. Done!

Note: we do not prefer to take existing company and do one small task or another, we prefer you deal all things with Great Webs. If you established yourself using another agent we may refuse your service it offers little benefit for us.

Will you or anyone else be a member on my LLC?

Yes we will be your registered agent on LLC application. Why? Because upon start we must add ourselves in LLC as a member else we cannot open your business bank account. Banks require a the UBI, ITIN, EIN, a LLC of course but they also require signature from LLC member or representative/agent and they ask us our government ID at the branch.  But don’t worry, after account is opened at bank we can remove ourselves from your LLC.

Do you offer physical or virtual bank account(s)?

  • Bank can be BofA™, US Bank™, Chase™, Wells Fargo™ or other major US Bank.
  • Physical account is always recommended, we can do both.
  • For Global Payments always good to have Payoneer account. Use our referral link to get $25 free: Click Here
  • For Virtual Account use Oxygen with our referral link to get $25 free: Click here
  • Recommended get a backup Virtual Account use Passbook by Remitly with our referral link get $25 free: Click Here
  • Bank account should be opened with some balance you can send us.
  • Our name will be on your bank from start but can be removed later.
  • Amazon Seller account will deposit / withdraw from your new bank account.
  • Credit card application maybe possible depends on certain things.
  • Bank account can be added to your PayPal account (if any).
  • Our fee is $250 first year + any 1st deposit then $250/year to keep account open and maintenance.

Bank account:

My accountant emailed me and told me that we require the following things just FYI

List of Docs most banks require:

1. Articles of Incorporation: Also referred to as the certificate of incorporation or the corporate charter. It is proof of your US corporation registration, issued by the state of incorporation. This document may vary by the type of your corporation.

2. EIN (Employer Identification Letter) confirmation letter: When you have completed your EIN application, you will receive an EIN confirmation letter, issued by the Internal Revenue Service and it is necessary for tax reporting purposes.

3. An operating agreement: This is a document showing the regulation of rights and responsibilities of each LLC member and how the company will be managed. It is a legally binding business contract that entails the ownership of its members.

4. A US business address with a phone or utility bill showing proof of address. Usually, the EIN can be used as a proof of ad

Do you offer USA Credit Card or Costco membership also?

  • You may want to get only $2000 credit card for fresh account and we can offer to setup a bank card, virtual card or other arrangement like prepaid card for your use.
  • You may want a large credit line such as $100K but unfortunately we won’t offer under our credit profile in which case we can work together with any of your partner(s) to have such a high amount.
  • You may want Sam’s Club, Costco or Walmart membership account in which case we may or may not be able to help you. Such requests are made on case-by-case basis.  Partnership terms may apply.

Will I get a unique mailing address?

Included with your $650 LLC fee. Yes we have many friends and neighbors who will accept your mail and we pay them for their assistance. We will scan and email you any important documents all year long.

What method(s) do I pay your fees?

TransferWise™, Western Union™, Payoneer™ and Zelle™ are options to send our fees.

For Global Payments always good to use TransferWise or Payoneer– Use our referral link to get $25 free: Click Here

Are there any yearly renewal fees?

  • LLC – Government fees $350 plus $100 our fee = $450/yr
  • Mailing Address and Bank Account – Renewal fee (includes mail forwarding, troubleshooting, branch visits, online banking, credit card application*, wire transfers and help you require) = $500/one-time (includes first deposit) then $250/yr each year.
  • Amazon Seller Account: No fee.
  • PayPal account use: No Fee
  • Other fees: To Be Determined based on each request (e.g. US-verify phone number, eBay account, etc)

What is your guarantee?

YES – LLC is guaranteed for full refund. We also have references on our results.  To open LLC is a standard process and it requires us to fill two government forms online ( and First form will give you new UBI number in 1 week or less and Second form will give you EIN form instantly.

Upon your payment we will allow you to login to our PC using TeamViewer. You can watch as we complete each government form and pay your fee from our side – your money is properly spent. Same process can be done for opening other accounts and we will push ahead through conflict if Amazon asks for more information or verification.

ITIN: Government having delays and also protests or rallies causing more than normal turnaround time to get the ITIN. We cannot guarantee ITIN. Firstly you may have certain profile data that denies you. Secondly they use quota to determine how many to issue each year. LLC is guaranteed, however; Amazon, bank account, credit card and PayPal account are not. Our agent can only try his level best and if you are denied then he can submit again and again on your behalf to keep trying.

Ask our references to feel better assurance in our services.

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